At Adelaide East Education Centre, we strongly believe in the right to communicate and have a voice.

We honour the Communication Bill of Rights and therefore advocate that communication is all day, every day.

Adelaide East Education Centre (AEEC) caters for students with complex communication needs (CCN). CCN means that an individual's speech isn’t sufficient to meet their daily needs. For this reason we have a whole school approach on implementing and supporting Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Augmentative (in addition to) and Alternative (instead of) Communication is any personalised method (device, system, or technique) that helps a person with significant communication challenges communicate more effectively. AAC is the term used to describe the full range of communication methods that are used across the school to supplement or substitute for normal speech or writing when these are impaired or absent. The term encompasses everything from natural communication such as gestures and sign language, to external aids, which can range from light-tech (such as tactile or visual supports) to high-tech (devices employing the latest technology and voice output). In short, AAC is used by people who, some or all of the time, cannot rely on their verbal speech.

Everyone uses a variety of means to communicate. Most individuals who use AAC rely on a variety of methods, from 'light tech' to 'high tech'. The “best” form or forms of communication for any individual are determined by their needs and are those that the individual will use to communicate with other people. Students at AEEC are supported to use any AAC system that has been recommended for them. 


The majority of students in our school have been recommended and use Proloquo2Go on an iPad or a PODD (Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display). Staff use Proloquo2Go or the PODD to have conversations, teach lessons and give instructions. We work with families and therapists to have a communication goal based on each individual's specific needs and abilities.

AEEC endeavours to enact best practices regarding communication and literacy for ALL students and acknowledges that we are continually striving to improve in these areas in order to reach this goal. We aim to presume, find and strengthen competence.