One Plan


One Plan Process

The purpose of the One Plan is to support access, participation and achievement in the mandated Australian Curriculum for students with disabilities. The One Plan is compulsory for students identified as eligible for the Disability Support Plan under the Students with Disabilities Policy.

The process of creating individualised plans brings together educators, parents/caregivers, learners and other stakeholders to determine the needs and learning priorities of the student. The outcome is a concise working document which summarises the educational plan for the learner. The process is dependent on the ongoing collection and analysis of information to address the learning and wellbeing needs of learner.

The plan directs and informs teachers learning programs. A plan does not document everything that will be taught. It describes how stakeholders will support the learner to achieve optimal learning outcomes.

At Adelaide East Education Centre, One Plan meetings are held in term 1 and reviewed in term 3 each year.